Fund your investing account via Local Direct Cash Deposit

Local Cash Deposit simply means depositing your funds via a local bank within your jurisdiction. Currently this service is only available to Ghanian residents via Fidelity Bank Ghana Limited.

Account Details

Bank Name: Fidelity Bank Ghana Limited
Accounr Name: FBG-FAB Collections Account
Ghana Cedi Account (GHS): 1300032146513
Dollar Account (USD): 1301032146511

Step 1

Walk into any Fidelity Branch and pick a deposit form

Step 2

Fill in the following information:

  1. Currency
  2. FAB Account Number
  3. Amount in figures
  4. Amount in words
  5. Date of transaction
  6. Denomination
  7. Account holder's name
  8. Signature
  9. Phone number

Step 3

Proceed to a bank teller and submit the completed deposit slip along with money. Ensure you take a stamped copy of deposit slip from the teller after deposit

Step 4

Check your FAB account balance in 24hours to ensure amount has been credited to your account

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