Privacy Policy

Fidelity Asia Bank LTD ('Fab banking') values your trust in us and respects the need to maintain the security and confidentiality of information that you provide to us, whether or not you are a Fab banking customer, a registered user or a visitor to our website. As a customer-focused banking group, we are therefore committed to protect each individual's privacy. That is our pledge to you.


Information Received

We receive various types of private and personal information in the course of conducting and/or considering to grant your request(s) for services regarding your accounts, including but not limited to the following:

  • Information that personally identifies you, such as your name and account number
  • Financial information which may relate to your transactions and account experience with us, such as your account balances and profit and loss statements that provides us with your credit history and/or credit worthiness
  • Personally identifiable medical information

As you browse through Fab banking website, you may be subject to the use of cookies to retain information about your web browser and usage preferences for general visitors analysis, which will help us to improve your user experience on our site. You may accept cookies by changing the privacy settings on your browser. However if you do not wish to share your information about your web browser, please reject cookies by changing the privacy settings on your browser.


Confidentiality and Security of Information

We shall strive to ensure that security measures are exemplary and that all confidential information received shall only be used in the course of providing financial services to you.

  • We assure that only proven development tools and techniques are used, whether they relate to security or encryption technologies. These are subject to risk analyses, and guidelines are regularly tested and updated to ensure that information received from customers through the Internet is secure
  • We assure that access to information by Fab banking employees or its agents are limited through system access control mechanisms and positive authentication systems. We also maintain mechanisms such as audit logs and electronic journals
  • All Fab banking employees are bound by a code of ethics and we assure that the privacy of your information is protected by a confidentiality agreement at all times
  • If your information is to be shared with agents, affiliates and/or any other third party as stated in this privacy policy, your information is also protected by a confidentiality agreement at all times.


Use and Sharing of Information

  • We assure you that the whole or any part of the information received from you shall not be divulged, reproduced or used for any purpose other than that as stated in this privacy policy, or unless duly authorized by you or in the restricted circumstances permitted by law.
  • However, we do reserve the right to use the information provided by you to perform necessary credit checks or to assist other financial institutions in assessing your credit worthiness and collection of debts.
  • Fab banking may share specific information about you, if you are our customer, only with an agent or affiliate so as to share our full range of products and services with you.
  • Fab banking may also share non-specific information about you whether with an agent or affiliate or other reputable third parties, so as to advise you of opportunities and offers that may be of interest to you.
  • Such third parties with whom Fab banking shares your information, are not permitted to retain any customer information unless you have specifically expressed interest in their products or services and/or have authorised the same.


Limit On Distribution of Information

Our customers have the option of limiting or preventing distribution of information by notifying Fab banking in writing by post or facsimile transmission to the address and facsimile number stated below.


Accuracy of Information

We strive to ensure that our customer account information is accurate and kept up to date. However, in order to ensure that your records are kept up to date, we encourage you to assist us by informing us in the event that your records require to be updated or are found to be incomplete, inaccurate.


Customer Questions or Complaints

Fab banking honours its commitment to protect its customers' privacy. If you have any queries, concerns or complaints on customer information or services, please contact us via post or facsimile transmission to us at the following address:

Fidelity Asia Bank LTD
Letter Box No. 10 ,
Lot 18C, 18th Floor UBN Tower,
No. 10 Jalan P RamLee,
50250 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Telephone number : +603 2026 1151/52
Fax: +603 2026 1092
Fidelity Asia Bank LTD (Registration No. LL08751) Licensed Labuan Bank (Licence No. 120112B)
Copyright Fab banking 2015

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