Forex Spread

Forex Spread

FX Spot Trading Spreads

Competitive spreads

Trading FX Spot with Fab Investing is your best call. From popular G10 pairs to Gold and other metals, we offer great value to the active Forex trader.

FX spot spreads are dynamic in line with interbank market liquidity. Our clients benefit by having the narrowest spreads when the market is most liquid.

Margin / Leverage

Forex is traded on margin, enabling you to leverage a small margin deposit for a much greater market effect.

A minimum fee of USD10, or its equivalent in foreign currency, will be charged to clients trading below the minimum threshold for the FX instrument pair.

The minimum fee and margin rates referred to above may vary from time to time especially for very active or inactive customers. Fab Investing reserves the right to amend the minimum threshold, brokerage fees, margin rates and interest rates referred to according to the terms of the trading agreement entered into between Fab Investing and the Client.

Ticket fee on small trades

For Forex trades below the 'Ticket Fee Threshold' listed above, a ticket fee of USD 10 is added to the trade to cover administration costs. Note that the ticket fee is charged on both the opening and closing leg of a trade.

Tom/Next Rollover

Tom/Next credit or debit

Rolling over a position to a new Value Date results in an adjustment to the opening price (up or down). The rollover credit or debit is the sum of "Swap Points" interest on any unrealised profits or losses.

Swap Points

The Swap Points used are based on Tom/Next swap prices from Tier-1 banks with a mark-up/down corresponding to 0.45% added to, or subtracted from, daily market overnight interest rates, plus the interest component described under 'Interest on unrealised Profit and Loss' below.

The accumulated swap points and interest component are added or deducted to the previous opening price of the position.

To provide full transparency to clients, Fab Investing publishes once a day the swap points used for the tom/next rollover. See 'Historic Swap points' below.

Interest on unrealised Profit and Loss

Any unrealised profits or losses on the Forex spot position being rolled from one day to the next are subject to an interest credit or debit.These are added to the swap points to calculate the rollover credit or debit.

The unrealised profits or losses are calculated as the difference between the original traded rate (possibly adjusted for previous Tom/Next rollovers) and the end of day rate of the traded currency cross at 17:00 Eastern Standard Time (New York time).

For currencies subject to special market conditions the rate of the traded currency cross at 08:15 CET will be applied.

Historic Swap Points

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