What are CFDs ?

Investors are increasingly looking to Contracts for Difference (CFDs) as a more efficient method of trading stocks online.

CFD trading is carried out on Fab Investing’s trading platforms which deliver live streaming prices and remove the delays of normal stock trading, such as waiting for fills from the stock exchange.

Advantages of CFD trading with Fab Investing:

  • Access to over 7,000 CFDs including 23 Index-Tracking CFDs, 39 Commodity CFDs and Forex CFDs.
  • No settlement or custody costs. CFDs are leveraged products, so you can trade without having to put down capital to fund your complete position.
  • Flexible trading, low margins and sophisticated tools allow traders to easily trade or react to price movement and market news.
  • CFDs allow you to go short or long, providing opportunities to hedge your existing portfolio against falling prices.
  • Use your Stock or Bond portfolio as collateral for CFD margin trading.

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Trade Stock & Index tracking CFDs online with Fab Investing

Maximise profits and gain exposure to the world's largest stock indices with minimum capital commitment and lower risk. Index-Tracking CFDs allow you to benefit from a diversified investment tool that combines leverage, low costs and ease of trading. You gain the flexibility for turning a profit in both rising and falling markets.

What’s more, Index-tracking CFDs provide the ability to trade an entire stock index on real-time prices in one go.

Why trade Index Tracking CFDs?

  • Index-tracking CFDs are linked to the performance of a stock market index. They can be short sold, opening up the possibility of turning a profit in a falling market.
  • Maximum exposure with minimum capital requirements.
  • Trade up to 22 leading stock indices with a single click.
  • Very competitive Bid/Ask spreads with no additional commissions.
  • Cost efficient market exposure because index-tracking CFDs don’t require the buying and selling of individual shares.

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Trade Forex CFDs online

FX CFDs are a cost-efficient way to trade major currencies online. Unlike trading FX on spot, there is no need to roll CFDs positions overnight and no financing charge is debited or credited from the initial opening price as all costs are built into the Bid/Ask spread.

Why trade Forex CFDs with Fab Investing:

  • No overnight financing costs.
  • No exchange commissions.
  • Tracks the price of the underlying futures contract.
  • All trading costs are built into the spread.
  • Low margin requirements and smaller lot sizes in comparison to the underlying Futures Contract.
  • Automated expiration.

A simple and flexible trading instrument

At Fab Investing, you have a great opportunity to trade in the FX market. Here is a short overview of three different ways to trade Euro/US Dollar:

Margin 20% 1% 3.2%
Min. trade size EUR 5,000 EUR 5,000 EUR 125,000
Overnight Financing No Tom-Next Rollover No
​Costs / Commissions Spread only Spread Spread + Commissions + Exchange Fee
Expiration​ Yes No Yes
Stocks / Bonds as collateral​ Yes Yes Yes

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A flexible instrument to trade the commodities markets

It is now possible to trade in oil, grains, softs, energies, gold and other precious metals as simply as you trade any other CFD products. Commodity CFDs provide direct exposure to the underlying commodity with all the benefits of trading a CFD.

CFDs can be used to hedge or diversify your portfolio with commodities – without the large collateral requirements and lot sizes associated with Futures trading.

Discover the benefits of Commodities CFDs:

  • Easy and flexible trading with high leverage and low minimum trade sizes.
  • No commission or trading fees – cost is embedded in the spread.
  • Automatic cash settlement in line with the underlying future contract.
  • Standard margin of 20%.
  • Short selling is fully supported.

Set your trading free - Avoid fixed lot sizes

With Fab Investing, you are not constrained by pre-defined lot sizes. For example, the minimum trade size of a US Crude Oil CFD is 25 contracts – that is 25 barrels of oil, compared to the minimum trade size of 1 Futures contract which is 1,000 barrels. And if you prefer to trade 26 barrels – you can do just that.

Heating Oil Corn US Copper NY Cocoa Emissions​
UK Gas Oil​ Soybeans Gold NY Coffee  
Gasoline US​ Wheat Palladium NY Sugar no. 11  
US Natural Gas​ Live Cattle Platinium    
US Crude​   Silver    

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Trading single stocks as CFDs is a great way to trade in both rising and falling markets. Since CFDs are traded on margin, you have the ability to profit from even small market movements.

Global markets, flexible margins, and world class execution

With low commissions and transparent pricing, Fab Investing enables you to trade the global stock markets from a single, easy-to-use, yet sophisticated trading platform.

As a Fab Investing client, you can access 22 Index Tracking CFDs across global exchanges.

Explore the advantages of Single Stock CFDs:

  • Trade over 7,000 Single Stock CFDs from the world’s leading financial markets.
  • Short sell stocks – the possibility of showing a profit in a falling market and efficient hedging of current
  • Stock positions.
  • Low margin requirements, allowing you to leverage your positions up to 20 times.
  • Streaming prices give you instant fills.
  • Benefit from market-leading execution.

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Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) allows you to spread your risk and reach otherwise hard-to-reach markets or geographies with a cost-effective and flexible solution.

ETFs aim to reflect the performance of global stock indices, bonds, sectors, commodities and other asset types.

Trading ETFs with Fab Investing

FAB Investing offers more than 2,500+ individual ETFs/ETCs. Of these, more than 670+ are available for trading as a CFD.

Advantages of trading ETFs as CFDs:

  • Trade ETFs on margin.
  • Gain the ability to short sell the ETF if you believe the price will fall.

Full price transparency

As with regular stocks, when trading ETFs as CFDs with Fab Investing, you trade on the actual prices from the exchange (live prices upon subscription).

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