What are Stocks?

Stock Trading

Trade stocks online with Fab Investing

With one of the widest ranges of stock exchanges available, investors instantly gain access to over 19,000 global stocks though Fab Investing's trading platforms. Whether you are interested in stocks from US, Europe, Australia or Asia, Fab Investing enables this possibility and makes it easy for you to manage your portfolio from a single account.

Enjoy the full functionality and flexibility of building your multi-product portfolio with one trading account, giving you control of your trades. Trade almost any Stock from around the world, manage risk easily and, if you think a Stock will fall, go short using Single Stock CFDs.

Why Trade stocks with Fab Investing

  • Choose from over 19,000 stocks from more than 36 major exchanges around the world. 
  • Trade on live prices from all exchanges available upon request* (delayed prices often available).
  • Hedge currency exposure of stock investments by trading FX from the same account.
  • Use a percentage of your stocks as collateral for margin trading of Forex, CFDs and Futures.
  • Build a multi-product portfolio with one trading account – add Stocks to Forex, CFDs, FX Options and other derivatives.

*Fab Investing clients may subscribe to real-time data from all exchanges (one level or multiple levels), and for clients making at least four Stock trades per month on the particular exchange, Level 1 data is free. Read more under Exchange agreements.

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