Available Stocks & Collateral rates

Available Stocks & Collateral rates

Stocks traded

Select a stock exchange below to list stocks that Fab Investing currently offers for trading on that exchange.

Stocks Available


Reuse of Stock collateral for other investments

Fab Investing allows a percentage of the collateral invested in certain Stocks to be used for margin trading activities (Forex, CFD, Futures, Contract Options).

The percentage of the collateral that can be used for each Stock and CFD is listed in the table below.










Stock value use as margin collateral​









^60% collateral and 0% collateral can also apply to some stocks on these ratings.

*0% collateral can also apply to some stock on these ratings.

For full details of the stock collateral, you may refer to the Stocks Available above.

Please note that Fab Investing reserves the right to decrease or remove Stock collateral for large position sizes, or stock portfolios considered to be of very high risk.

Read the FAQs on Stocks Collateralization
Read the Terms and Conditions applicable to Stocks Collateralization

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